Flatbed Freight Shipping

Meet modern Flatbed Freight Services tailored to your needs

MSolution Groups is an expert in Flatbed freight service used for shipping raw materials, construction equipment and much more.

Flatbed freight shipping is used to transport cargo that is too big to carry in a standard truck or intermodal container and requires special loading and unloading services with equipment such as cranes.

Flatbed freight is a vital service for the economy and we work under tight deadlines to ensure that shipment arrives safe and on time everytime. Have more environment sensitive freight? We can have your load tarped and covered to protect it from dirt and moisture.

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Why choose Flatbed Shipping?

A flatbed freight truck can ship almost anything. The most common flatbed freight shipping uses include:

Backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, tractors, forklifts and other industrial construction, manufacturing or agricultural equipment.
Large beams, lumber, trusses or concrete items
Any freight that exceeds 100 inches in height and 100 inches in width.
Cars and other vehicles
Any freight that needs to be loaded by crane, wench, forklift or roll off platforms.