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MSolution Groups is a proud Canadian company providing freight services in Canada. We are the best freight forwarders in Canada and we work with our customers to determine the best transportation solutions for them. You can rely on us for all of your logistics and transportation needs, whether it's international ocean freight, air cargo transport, or a combination of road, ocean, and air freight. Get a quote from the leading freight forwarders in Canada now and give an end to your shipping worries.

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Choose between a number of Freight Shipping options from the Best Freight Forwarders in Canada!

Air Freight

Our Air Freight solution is reliable and hassle-free with a broad range of delivery speeds and service options. We can tailor an air freight solution to specifically meet your supply chain needs.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight shipping can get your cargo to the right place, at the right time, and with MSolution Groups, it is cost-effective. We provide comprehensive equipment and consolidation options for your unique cargo logistics needs.

Road Freight

Road Freight for national and cross border shipping is reliable, flexible and comes with LTL and FTL shipping options.

Rail and Intermodal Freight

Suitable for transporting heavy and bulky goods across long distances in a cost effective way, rail freight can maximize efficiency and speed of delivery.