FTL Freight - Full Truckload

Is FTL Freight Service for you?

FTL (Full truckload) freight service is the perfect solution for you to move bigger freight of 10 pallets and more at once to occupy the entire space of a standard truck.

FTL or full truckload freight shipping will be your preferred choice if you have either of the following types of goods.

  1. Enough goods to fill a standard truck
  2. High value goods
  3. Time-sensitive freight shipping
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What are the benefits of FTL or Full Truckload?

Speed, Safety and Comfort

Speed, Safety and Comfort are the top benefits of FTL freight shipping. Because you don't have to share the space of the truck with other shippers, your freight will be transported directly from collection to delivery in the shortest time possible without any nonessential stops.

Transporting goods on pallets

Transporting goods on pallets is safer as compared to boxes or smaller handling units since this packaging method has proved to be more secure and unlikely to get damaged.