Heavy Haul Freight

Is Heavy Haul freight shipping for you?

Heavy haul freight is used to carry unusually large and wide loads that exceed guidelines for legal dimensions and may require special permits to transport the freight.

If you need to transport oversized loads on public roads you will require Heavy Haul freight service. Heavy haul refers to oversized or overweight trucking shipments that exceed standard legal limits for transporting freight.

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Benefits of Heavy Haul Freight Service

Logistics for speciality cargo shipments

MSolution Groups handles permits, coordinates with local authorities and utility companies to make sure your freight is transported by experienced freight carriers.

Time-sensitive freight

We ensure that your cargo arrives on time and in cases of breakdowns we have multiple heavy haul trucks standing by for support. Save time and money to transport your heavy haul freight by choosing MSolution Groups.

Super shipping and service quality

MSolution Groups maintains and manages all insurance certificates, operating authority and other important documentation throughout our network for all our clients.