LTL Freight - Less Than Truckload

Is LTL Freight Service for you?

You should choose LTL (less than truckload) freight for transportation of small freight that will not occupy a whole standard truck. This freight shipping method is best suited to freight that weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

For LTL Freight, you pay for a portion of a standard truck that your freight occupies while the remaining unoccupied space is filled by other freight service buyers to ship their freight.

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There are many benefits to shipping via LTL

Reduced Freight Shipping Costs

Because you only pay for the portion of the space your freight occupies in a standard truck, you save money by splitting the truck costs with other shippers

More security

Since most LTL shipments are packaged separately onto pallets before they are loaded onto the truck, these pallets remain more secure and are unlikely to get damaged as compared to shipments with smaller handling units.

More Value Addition

Since you will be splitting costs with other shippers, you get more value added services like liftgate, inside pickup and delivery, tracking and much more at a cheaper cost.

Environmental Friendliness

Because of LTL shipping there are less trucks on the road carrying full loads instead of more trucks carrying less than their capacity. This not only reduces overall costs but also reduces emissions and is less damaging to the environment.